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Social media has become one of the world’s most powerful marketing and communications tools. In its most positive incarnation, it gives businesses the ability to authentically connect with their audiences, gain new followers, and increase their revenue. For customers, it gives them a golden opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences with a business or their services.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, people no longer want to sit through long videos that take up their valuable time. Just look at a platform like TikTok, which has become famous for hosting bite-sized videos that are easy to consume (and share) while on the go.

Why are videos getting so short? The answer is simple—people simply don’t have much time on their hands. Between their busy lives and the superfast pace of the internet and social media, if you can’t capture people’s attention within five seconds, they’re going to simply scroll away from your content.
If you’re a business owner or marketer who wants to harness the power of short videos to drive web traffic and boost sales, it’s time to say goodbye to long videos and try your hand at short-form content.

Whether it’s a quick five-second piece or a more in-depth three-minute video, adapting the way you create content will help supercharge your business and give you the positive results you’ve been searching for.

Social is any small business’s secret weapon. Not only does it enable you to connect with your audience, the powerful advertising features on social media platforms allow your brand to connect with new audiences. In the case of some platforms, like Instagram, you can even sell your product directly from the app!

Whether you’re an experienced social media marketer or just getting started, there’s always room to improve your digital marketing strategy. Platforms, trends, and algorithms are constantly changing and being updated, so it’s crucial that you keep your finger on the pulse of the latest developments. While there’s nothing wrong with making social media mistakes (don’t worry, everyone does it!) it’s vital you realise it when mistakes are made—and more importantly, know how to fix them.

Read on to find out what the top ten most common mistakes small businesses are making on social media, and how you can fix them.

Small business owners wear countless hats every day, so it's easy to let your social media strategy fall by the wayside. After all, running a successful business takes up almost all of your time and energy - at the end of a long workday, figuring out what to post on social media is probably the last thing on your mind.

We've put together some tried-and-tested ideas to help you increase engagement on your Facebook and Instagram pages. Simply adapt these content types to your industry, and you're ready to get posting!

As the saying goes, “Content is king” - and this continues to hold true in 2022. If you haven’t already added content marketing to your overall marketing strategy, it’s time to level up your business and begin implementing it.

Content marketing is a highly effecgive way to grow your business. In this blog, we’ll define exactly what content marketing is and give you seven actionable ways you can get started to improve your content marketing.

Creating social media content can be daunting for small business owners. Still, it's an essential tool for building an audience, reaching your target market, and promoting your product or service.

With the dawn of the internet, business marketing strategies were changed forever.

Today, potential customers are more likely to find your business through social media than through word-of-mouth, print advertising, or traditional advertising. That's why it's so essential that your business has a social media presence and posts consistent updates and information that educate and engage your audience.

In addition to wearing many hats as you run your business on a daily basis, managing your social media presence can feel like a whole new job - and in many ways, it is another job. But there is an easy way to make it simpler and more manageable.

Enter the content calendar! Implementing content calendars into your social media strategy can completely change how you approach social media marketing, making it easier, faster, and more effective.

Social media is evolving at lightning speed. If you want to maintain interest and grow your communities on Facebook, Instagram and other channels, you need to keep your social media marketing fresh and on-trend.

Even if you’ve never used one before, you’ve seen hashtags on social media. They’re the words in a post, each beginning with the # sign. They help people that see a Tweet, Instagram post, or Pinterest image to search out more content related to that word or phrase.

Many iPhone users would’ve woken up this week to the most talked about iOS update in many years – iOS 14.5! Apart from being a privacy first update, what does it mean for your business and will you be able to work around it?